Don't be like Brad Pitt who went through a couple of different therapists before he found the right one.

So many of my clients have said this or something similar..."I have been to therapists before. I can't believe how much I have learned from you in such a short time. I should have come to you first!" 

That's right. You should have, but you didn't. Probably because I didn't take your insurance. So you went to others. Spent a lot of time not doing much growing or changing or improving your life.

Check out this story about Brad...


I Get Along With Just About Everybody

Well okay, 99% of people. I really can't stand narcissists. So I'm really glad I don't have to treat them. They don't last long with me. My face gives away my emotions so it's hard for me to show care and compassion when they're being controlling, abusive, demeaning, and they can never see any faults in themselves and always blame others. There's not much self reflection from narcissists. Bye Bye.


During my 40 years of providing therapy, I have always encouraged others to maintain their sense of self worth. Unfortunately, working with insurance companies continually challenged my own sense of self worth as a provider because I made less money than I did in the 1980's.  

And while I would love to be bringing in the big bucks like Brad, that just doesn't happen as a therapist. Jeez, we save lives, relationships, and improve your mental health and well-being and all he does is entertain. But everybody bitches about how much it costs to change your life. I don't get it.

The mental health crisis in this country is not helped by the insurance companies practice of not reimbursing reasonable fees for services. They also drop rates at their discretion or prohibit certain services. Sometimes, they simply deny payment.

While state and federal privacy laws may require a doctor to keep records private, an insurance company can demand to review all necessary records before reimbursing the physician for services rendered. The protection of your privacy is more and more in question because of mandated electronic records. Many organizations have been hacked. What's to say someone can't hack into your mental health medical records?

I have therefore, chosen to drop most insurance plans because the cost of doing business surpassed the reimbursement fees, and the protection of your privacy is important.

While I understand that not using insurance can be a hardship for some, please be reassured that success in therapy can be achieved in a very short time with me. I trained in brief therapy, have the wisdom of decades as a professional, and use my intuition and ability to guide with very practical steps to teach you life-long skills. I am not a therapist that keeps people coming forever!

So, skip all the other therapists. You'll be glad you did.

Brad would have been glad too, if he started with me.

Session Fees

60 minute sessions

$200 per initial evaluation or, if you just want to consult for one to three times, 60-minute consultations 

$130 per 60-minute individual session

$130 per couple or family session


Energy Healing Sessions

60 MINUTES $100 

Being a psychotherapist brings professional knowledge and experience to your healing experience that others don't have. I remember working with a healer and I had a very intense experience that she didn't know how to handle. I felt abandoned. I would never allow this to happen to a client. I never returned to her. Rest assured, no matter what surfaces, I can help you through it.


I Accept

Cash, check and debit/credit cards

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield and other Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans.

I also work with workers compensation insurances if you have been injured on the job and are dealing with chronic pain issues including depression or anxiety.

Reduced Fee

Available on a Limited Basis

If you truly cannot manage the fees, please ask about reducing the rate. 


Cancellation Policy

If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay a no show fee/late cancel fee.


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