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The myth of the Shrink's couch...maybe it was once the norm in Freud's day, so if you're expecting this lovely white Couch when you come into my office, well - you're outta luck... But when you're ready to change your life, I'm here to help. I'm good at What I do. And my office is very nice. And Comfy.


I Can Help If You Struggle With



Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is at an all time high. Coping skills are at an all time low. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death. Reach out for help now. You can learn effective coping skills.


Relationships,Parenting,And Family 

It is very hard to be successful at creating loving and healthy relationships. We all struggle with getting it right. Make it easier for yourself and your loved ones by learning new and effective skills.


Addiction and Recovery

Addictions are devastating for the individual and family. The opioid epidemic is out of control. Learn what to do to change your habits - physical, mental, emotional and maybe even spiritual.


Grief & Loss

My mission in life is to help others heal from pain. 


Energy Healing

Sometimes the best way to change is to do so if we are more at ease. We can release past trauma and unexpressed emotions, pain and stress that have been stuck in our body.


Holistic Approach

After a Life-Time of Addressing Health Issues with a Holistic Approach, I  teach Physical, Mental and Emotional skills For you to Practice and incorporate into your Life.  My focus is on healing, not simply the diminishment of symptoms.  I work with you to identify your goals and build on Your strengths to create the change and success you are Looking for. 


Food and Mood

Our habits of eating, thinking and behaving all have an impact on our mood and how well we thrive. By making changes mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, we can enhance our lives.


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