Comfort. Release. Integration.

Back in the 80's I experienced healing on many levels when I participated in hands-on healing modalities. I loved it so much, I learned how to do it. I have had training in Body Harmony, Reiki and Healing Touch and incorporate different techniques into my own style.

I like to describe what I do as similar to dance. You start with an intention that you'd like to get from the session. The energy of your body is the leader of this dance based on your intention. I am in tune with and follow the energy. The outcome, the experience is different each time you have a session. I am not in charge, but am simply trusting in the process.


It is amazing. You can feel relaxed, soothed and comforted. You can release what has been stored in your cognitive memory that you haven't accessed in many years. You can release tension from your body from experiences that you had in your past, whether it was trauma, or emotional pain, or physical pain.

The cool thing about it is that it can happen without struggle.

You can also benefit from energy healing to reduce daily stress, job stress, to improve clarity about your life, and to manifest your goals.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to inquire or schedule an appointment.


Energy Healing

  • You are always fully clothed
  • Lying on a massage table helps you to relax
  • It teaches you to receive and just be present in the moment
  • Energy healing works with your energy system which is the body's template
  • It can help to reduce physical pain
  • It can induce deep relaxation
  • It can create greater self awareness
  • It can provide emotional release
  • It can improve alertness and focus
  • It can help you to process your life experiences
  • It can help you to gain clarity about your life
  • It can help to reduce stress
  • Most sessions are 60 minutes